June 17, 2024

How to Select the Best Dedicated Server Hosting

best dedicated server hosting

When selecting the best dedicated server hosting, it is important to ensure you get the most flexibility and control. Ideally, the best service provider will give you the flexibility to choose which OS, CMS, and other resources you want to use. It should also offer easy upgrade capabilities so that you can increase your resources whenever you want. There should be a wide range of control panels available, including Plesk, cPanel, and WHM. Make sure to select a service that offers root access.


If you’re looking for dedicated hosting with excellent customer support, GoDaddy has you covered. Its customer service agents are knowledgeable and friendly. It’s easy to find help with any question you have about the company’s server and other products. GoDaddy also offers a community for its customers, and there are many forums where other customers discuss their experiences with GoDaddy servers and ask questions. Furthermore, you can customize your server and add additional storage space with SSDs if needed.

Liquid Web is another service provider with good dedicated server options. Their plan options come in six tiers, each named after the type of CPU. You can choose between dual-core and single-core CPUs. Liquid Web’s basic Intel Xeon 1230 v6 plan costs $169 per month when paid annually. It includes a Content Delivery Network and application firewall. Liquid Web also offers a number of additional features that will make your server worth the extra money.

When selecting a dedicated server hosting provider, you must consider security. SSL encryption protects sensitive information and prevents hackers from compromising your site. Dedicated servers should never experience an interruption in traffic or bandwidth, as they should be protected against cyber attacks. The best dedicated server hosting providers should offer 24/7 technical support as well as excellent customer support to ensure your business is protected at all times. If you are concerned about your website’s security, you should consider switching to another provider.

KnownHost is another good provider that offers quality web hosting for a reasonable price. KH servers are interconnected via multiple 10 gigabit backbones across the world, which means that your site will be performing optimally for everyone. They offer both managed and unmanaged dedicated servers, allowing you to select the starting CPU, RAM, and bandwidth for your site. You can also choose HDD or SSD storage for your website.


Dedicated servers are a good choice for those who have specific needs for their website and don’t want to share server resources with others. They come with enhanced security features and a range of other perks. You’ll also get the added benefit of monitoring and regular security patches, which will protect your customers and business from online attacks. Additionally, you’ll be able to maintain regulatory compliance and improve service quality. Dedicated hosting can even help you keep your IP address private – something that shared servers can’t offer.

If you’re not quite ready to make the investment in a dedicated server, you can try shared server hosting. These packages are affordable, but don’t expect to run any heavy-duty apps on them. They are primarily used for web hosting and will not be a good choice for small businesses or newbies. However, they offer high-performance and blazing-fast performance. The only downsides to shared hosting are the number of other sites hosted on the same physical server.

Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose between several different dedicated server packages. Bluehost’s packages are easy to understand and come with a range of features. However, you may find that Bluehost is a better choice if you don’t have any experience in setting up servers. If you don’t have the technical knowledge to do so, Bluehost will help you to set it up quickly. So, if you’re unsure about whether you need dedicated server hosting, you can choose between Windows or Linux plans.

Managed dedicated server hosting takes care of the entire maintenance and management of your server. They will monitor the configuration, monitor the security of your server, and perform data backups and operating system hardening. Because of these advantages, managed dedicated hosting is a great choice for small and medium businesses. They also come with various levels of server management, from fully managed to unmanaged. Whichever you choose, you’ll be able to meet your needs and budget.