April 13, 2024

Choosing the Best Virtual Server Hosting Provider

best virtual server hosting

VPS hosting can be an excellent upgrade from shared hosting, offering greater control to users or developers working on custom software projects. While certain vendors excel in terms of scalability and price/value considerations, others excel with services specifically for IoT devices or edge computing needs.

1. Reliability

VPS hosting can provide an ideal compromise between shared web hosting and dedicated servers, offering greater control and power at a more reasonable cost. Look for providers with reliable hardware and scalable software capable of accommodating peak loads.


InMotion provides high-performance virtual server plans with SSD storage, AMD EPYC processors and unlimited bandwidth. InMotion also features a custom dashboard to help monitor server activity – such as which processes are taking up memory or CPU power – in real time.

A2 Hosting offers an excellent selection of VPS plans with up to 16GB RAM, 300GB NVMe storage and 6TB of bandwidth – all with root access! Plus it has data centers across Europe and Asia so your website can be hosted near its target audience for maximum speed!

2. Scalability

VPS hosting makes scaling your site as your traffic or business expands easier than ever before. Your virtual server provides guaranteed RAM, CPU and disk space resources so that traffic spikes from other users or physical server issues won’t negatively impact your website – plus superuser access provides even more server customization possibilities!

A2 Hosting’s VPS packages combine affordability and performance in one. Their servers feature powerful processors to speed data transfer between server and storage disk, leading to quicker page load times and SEO success for your website. In addition, their UltraStack configuration features built-in caching for both static and dynamic content as well as Brotli compression to deliver even greater speed for optimal performance.

3. Security

VPS hosting provides more secure web hosting solutions than shared web hosting, which often results in compromised sites being hacked. With a VPS, your resources will not be shared among multiple users and won’t be affected by their activities such as spamming your website.

Some providers provide advanced backup and security technologies, like A2 Hosting’s free SSL certificates that reassure website visitors they are secure on the website – garnering trust while increasing SEO performance and traffic growth as a result.


Bluehost and other companies, such as SiteGround, offer analytics software in their cPanel that will assist in better managing and protecting against server and website attacks from hackers and other sources. Additional security features such as firewalls and anti-DDoS attacks protection can also help safeguard against these types of breaches.

4. Performance

Selecting the ideal VPS hosting provider is essential to ensuring that your websites and applications run quickly. Make sure your host offers unlimited bandwidth and unmetered traffic in order to avoid overage charges, and utilizes LiteSpeed Cache software in order to speed up site performance.

If your shared hosting needs have outgrown those of shared, but don’t require the resources offered by a dedicated server, virtual private server web hosting may be your ideal choice. Offering more memory, improved performance and greater flexibility at an economical cost – virtual private servers offer exactly this solution!

Ultahost stands out as a reliable and efficient provider of this web hosting type, employing SSD storage for optimal performance. Their entry-level VPS deals offer two CPU cores, 2GB RAM and 120GB SSD space – ideal for hosting websites of any size or scale.

5. Flexibility

As you transition from shared hosting to VPS, it’s essential that your provider be flexible enough to meet your individual needs. The top providers will enable you to configure and install different software such as an web application firewall or caching tools on the server hardware.

Storage and bandwidth options available from them vary, while their support team offers round-the-clock live chat support, phone, and email assistance.

Nexcess provides developers who value control and speed with an entry-level plan with no upsells. Nexcess utilizes its unique set of servers and features, like Nginx with Brotli compression to optimize hosting environments for maximum performance.