June 16, 2024

PCI Compliance – What Is It?

“PCI Compliance” is the buzzword in the computer industry these days. What does PCI stand for?

pci compliance

PCI stands for the PCI Compliance Assurance Standard, and it is a worldwide standard of certification for computer equipment, systems and networks. It also includes a set of guidelines, standards and practices to help the industry to protect data and protect your financial and other important data. The first component of the PCI is “Security”.

“Security” is the second component of the PCI and is the assurance, “The equipment is secure”that the data is protected”. In short it is an assurance that you have taken steps to protect the information you store and protect your intellectual property and data that you are storing. To do this you must be PCI compliant. Many vendors are not PCI compliant.

PCI can be confusing at times because there are so many facets to the certification program. One of the best things you can do is to become an ISO 27001 certified specialist in data protection. The ISO stands for “Individual Standard for Information Assurance Certification” and it is a globally recognized accreditation for the certification of people in the information security and computer industry.

The best thing to do is to become a PCI compliance expert and take the test. Many of the vendor exams require that you test and pass a PCI certification exam before they will even consider your application for future certifications. This makes it a very quick and easy process and ensures that you can continue to have a long and successful career in the industry.


For those looking to join the PCI compliance team there are three things you should do before you start. First you should get yourself certified in PCI compliance, secondly you should contact your vendors to see if they are PCI compliant and third you should work with your vendors to get them PCI compliant. Your companies’ information will be very important and your employer’s information will be very sensitive.

In order to get PCI certified you must pass the exam. You will receive your certification if you pass all three components, but in order to get your certificate you must pass the exam.

Many companies have their own technical security program for handling software and hardware, and some use PCI Compliance as part of that program. In order to get PCI compliance, the business has to sign a contract that states they will ensure the specific certification requirements are met.

In order to determine if you are PCI compliant, you must do a set of tests with a specific vendor. At the time of these tests the vendor will review your application and decide if you pass or fail.

So once you are PCI compliant you should start to make sure your vendor is PCI compliant as well. You can do this by asking the vendor for a copy of their certification, and then you can sit down with your vendor and take the test with them.

After all of this it is time to start making sure your vendor is PCI compliant. You should start with a self-check and make sure the vendor you use has a Certificate of Security. Keep in mind that the certificate has to be maintained on a yearly basis and that the certificate must be posted at your website, on your business cards, in any other ways you see fit.