July 23, 2024

Web Hosting – Why Dedicated Servers Are Better Than Shared Servers

If your website deals with sensitive data, a dedicated server may be the ideal solution for you. With their ability to be customized precisely according to your specifications and optimize for data, these dedicated servers offer great versatility.

An internet web hosting dedicated server is a physical computer in your control, enabling you to make adjustments such as RAM, network features, security settings, hard drives storage spaces and processors.


If your business has outgrown the limited capacity of shared hosting plans, a dedicated server could be an ideal way to expand. Not only does this powerful and secure option give you full control of your server but it can also offer complex online services and solutions that power your website with fast page loads times for customers.


An added benefit of having a dedicated server is its flexibility in accommodating to meet your unique requirements. You can configure its priority settings to enhance server performance and security, or choose its location if analytics data shows most of your site traffic originates in one region of the globe.

Dedicated servers allow for more customization when it comes to software tools, disk space and memory storage needs than other types of web hosting, which makes them especially advantageous for businesses that rely on remote functionality that needs specific features within their workflows.


If your website is expanding rapidly and its current storage capacities on shared servers are no longer enough, a dedicated server might provide more capacity and could easily accommodate more complex websites with more media content and pages.

Dedicated servers can also help sites with high levels of traffic or increased security requirements, such as accepting credit card payments. Ecommerce websites that accept these forms of payments may require one for their data protection measures while businesses needing highly specific software requirements may opt for this hosting type instead of other options.

Although dedicated servers offer attractive scaleability and performance benefits for many businesses, they may not be appropriate for all businesses. While dedicated servers tend to be more costly than other hosting solutions and you will likely need to manage them yourself, their higher maintenance and upgrade costs could pose obstacles for startups that don’t yet have staff or resources dedicated to managing them effectively.



As its name implies, a dedicated server allows you to take complete control over the hardware specifications for your website’s hardware configurations and specifications. This enables you to optimize performance, scalability and security as well as avoid hackers compromising shared physical equipment.

An appropriate website hosting plan must include several security features:

Encrypting data to prevent data theft is of particular importance on eCommerce websites where customer data may be stored in databases. Encryption also benefits SEO efforts and user trust.

Regular backups to protect data in case of security breach or server failure; an extensive network monitoring service which detects irregular activity that might signal attacks or vulnerabilities;

An effective password policy should include at least 10 characters that consist of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, symbols and numbers and should be changed regularly in order to reduce risk from brute force attacks.


Dedicated servers are an ideal choice for websites and applications requiring high performance. They provide superior reliability, security, control, customer service and scalability compared to other web hosting solutions, plus faster read/write speeds for databases and media files. Furthermore, many providers utilize multiple quality uplinks with redundant hardware in order to guarantee 99-100% network uptimes.

With a dedicated server, you have complete control of customizing its hardware, software and configurations to meet your specific needs. This can be especially helpful if your website receives large volumes of traffic; speedier sites increase sales while decreasing visitor abandonment risk; so ensuring you have enough resources available ensure your website loads faster if it contains lots of media is important too.