June 16, 2024

Why Choose Dedicated Web Server Hosting?

dedicated web server hosting

Dedicated server hosting is an ideal solution for websites that generate high levels of traffic or require large storage capacities, and allows you to tailor both hardware and software configurations of your site as you see fit.

Dedicated servers offer greater flexibility and can deliver faster and consistent website performance for businesses requiring high levels of security.

1. Increased Security

As their name implies, dedicated servers are physicaly dedicated to only one customer and provide extra security for your website. If your industry requires you to store customer data on the server, utilizing dedicated hosting environments such as dedicated servers is especially vital in protecting against errors which could spread across multiple websites – an error which cost businesses an estimated $2 trillion dollars in losses in 2019.


Liquid Web’s dedicated server contracts feature customized hardware configuration and software adjustments that meet your unique hosting environment, giving you maximum control of its environment. Furthermore, our managed service offerings give our team of in-house experts access to OS security patches, updates for cPanel/WHM management panels/WHM updates/maintenance tasks on your behalf, freeing up time for you to focus on growing your business with your customers and focus on fulfilling its mission and customers.

2. Faster Loading Times

Web servers dedicated to one website tend to perform faster than shared ones due to having dedicated storage capacity and processing speed exclusively dedicated to it. Other websites containing demanding media like videos or images could slow down server performance and cause lag for visitors.

Faster server response times enhance user experiences and can significantly impact SEO as Google has made page load speed one of their ranking factors. Dedicated servers are ideal for providing a smooth web presence for businesses of any kind.

A dedicated server is more likely to be located near your primary market, shortening the distance data must travel before it reaches visitors’ computers. Furthermore, some hosting providers offer CDN services which further speed up page load speeds for international visitors.

3. Increased Flexibility

Dedicated web servers allow your business to tailor its IT platform precisely to its own individual requirements, scaling storage space, disk capacity, and bandwidth as website traffic increases.

Utilizing more power for hosting purposes reduces downtime and potential revenue losses. Furthermore, dedicated server hosting provides enhanced security features, making it ideal for businesses managing sensitive information or online transactions.

Dedicated servers are hosted in secure data centers with stringent physical security measures to prevent unauthorised access or theft of hardware and data, with 24×7 support to quickly address any problems, reducing downtime and lost revenue. Such flexibility isn’t available with shared or cloud hosting solutions – making dedicated hosting the perfect choice for business websites with high growth potential.

4. More Resources

Dedicated web server hosting provides ample resources that are not shared with other sites, enabling you to maintain high performance without experiencing site lag from visitors. This solution is particularly well suited for high traffic websites or resource intensive apps which would otherwise be limited by other hosting options.

With a dedicated server, you have the flexibility of leasing hardware that has been custom built to your exact requirements – this ensures maximum performance while eliminating potential hardware compatibility issues.

But with increased control comes an additional expense – dedicated hosting is typically more costly than other solutions and it’s essential that you evaluate whether this solution meets the requirements of your website’s needs. Liquid Web’s Product Manager for Managed Hosting, Jeremy, is an expert at guiding customers in choosing their ideal solution; his passion lies in offering innovative hosting solutions and seeing businesses flourish online.

5. Customization

Dedicated server hosting provides customers with the freedom to customize a variety of specifications for their servers, such as processors, memory, storage capacity and bandwidth. This customization enables companies to tailor their IT platform specifically to the needs of their business – leading to improved processing speeds during peak times with less issues like lag.

Furthermore, dedicated hosting is ideal for websites that receive thousands of visitors at once or require high levels of security – this is because the entire website is hosted on one single server environment which helps increase onsite safety.

Furthermore, dedicated web hosting services often provide 24/7 support for their customers with any inquiries or issues that may arise – helping you dedicate more time towards running your business.