June 19, 2024

Dedicated Virtual Server Hosting

dedicated virtual server hosting

A dedicated virtual server hosting solution offers you access to an entire physical server dedicated to you alone. With root access available to you, you have full control of configuring hardware for optimal use.

Customers looking for high performance and reliability will find this type of hosting ideal. It provides more control than VPS hosting while remaining more affordable than dedicated server solutions.


A dedicated virtual server offers all of its computing power without sharing with anyone else, making this type of hosting the perfect choice for businesses with high traffic volumes and the need for reliable performance.


Scalability of a dedicated server depends on its hardware composition; physical (dedicated servers) or virtual (hosting platforms like VDS or VPS) servers can both be suitable options. Physical dedicated servers offer enterprises greater control and security for their web applications, making physical dedicated servers ideal choices.

Virtualized solutions allow users to divide a parent server into multiple VPS instances that each have their own dedicated storage and processing capacity, providing you with horizontal scaling options for expanding your infrastructure either by adding more servers or upgrading existing ones to handle increased load. Unfortunately, horizontal scaling requires extensive load balancing and server fleet management, as well as being more costly than its vertical equivalent; many organizations prefer only to scale horizontally when absolutely necessary.


A dedicated virtual server hosting solution is an ideal choice for websites that experience high volumes of traffic and customer transactions, offering customized use of CPU output, memory usage and bandwidth – which results in enhanced website performance and also prevents your site from being negatively impacted by other websites hosted on the same physical server – a problem often experienced with shared hosting solutions.

At any point in time, you can upgrade to a larger dedicated server as necessary in order to accommodate increased traffic and user transactions without disrupting existing customers. Furthermore, scaling down is just as straightforward.


DigitalOcean Managed VPS servers give you access to a dedicated virtual machine host (VMH). Based on your requirements, any supported shape can be placed onto the VMH for consistent performance. Alternatively, dedicated CPU Droplets give greater performance flexibility as both their vCPUs and RAM are assigned exclusively to your account; alternatively memory-optimized Droplets may offer increased memory performance.


Virtual server hosting emulates the performance and control offered by dedicated servers, yet doesn’t provide as much administrative access. Utilizing virtualization technology to divide physical servers into individual VMs that run their own operating system.

VPS hosting provides greater security than shared hosting, which requires your website to share space and resources on one physical server with other websites. With VPS, all hardware is completely separate, meaning if another site experiences a security breach it won’t impact on yours.

With a managed VPS, your provider will monitor and install security software; with unmanaged VPSs however, you may need to manage this yourself and keep server software updated yourself. One measure you can take to further harden VPS security is disabling IPv6, as it is vulnerable to numerous attacks; please refer to cPanel documentation on how to do so.


Dedicated virtual server hosting provides your website with a reliable environment. Unlike shared hosting plans that share bandwidth and processing power among multiple customers, dedicated servers give your account exclusive use of both. Furthermore, root user access gives you more freedom when installing software and hardware to enhance its performance and enhance website speed.

Your website won’t be compromised by other users on the same physical server, providing greater protection and improving security measures – including firewalls and malware detection systems tailored specifically for your business needs.

DigitalOcean’s dedicated virtual server plans offer an economical alternative to physical servers. Each plan offers guaranteed CPU output and RAM capacity as well as unmetered bandwidth, plus our Premium Droplets come equipped with two generations of Intel processors and NVMe SSD memory performance enhancing. All this gives your website reliable hosting while making scaling easier than ever!